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Grace Hill Women’s Business Center 2016 Wall of Fame Awards

on Sunday, 27 March 2016. Posted in News, Events, Recently Added, What's New

jaderethinkpossibleJade Harrell has been selected to receive one of five Grace Hill Women’s Business Center 2016 Wall of Fame awards.


For over a decade, inspiring women have taken their place on the Wall of Fame to encourage future business champions.


This esteemed recognition is awarded annually to entrepreneurs who have used our services at the Women’s Business Center to start or expand their business. Wall of Fame honorees demonstrate the dedication, ambition, vision, courage and drive necessary to create and maintain a successful business.


Since 2000, Grace Hill Women’s Business Center has given Wall of Fame awards annually during the month of March to celebrate Women’s History Month. Nominees are submitted, and winners are determined by a committee of Grace Hill staff, counselors, and advisory council members. The awards are conferred upon four or five outstanding women business owners for their leadership, determination and embodiment of entrepreneurial strength. Their portraits are hung prominently and proudly in the Women’s Business Center and serve as beacons for those who are beginning their way into the realm of business ownership.

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