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The New Church

Raegan AAbout The "New" Church - The "New" Church is an exciting and energetic ministry that welcomes everyone.  Its loving community is a breath of fresh air for the 21st century. The "New" Church doesn't have a dress code, one can be free in worship, and the teaching is relatable.  After the “New” experience, you will never be the same.  This ministry stands behind its motto: "Where every experience is a "New" experience.


About Pastor Anthony McCaa Sr. - On May 1, 2005, Pastor Anthony S. McCaa founded New Life Fellowship Church, a church focused on building individual character, sharing love and empowering communities. 


The "New" Church is the second-breath ministry that stems from New Life Fellowship Church. For five years, New Life Fellowship impacted its congregants and community in a major way. In August 2009, God challenged McCaa to re-structure the ministry in a way that would even further Kingdom glory. 


As CEO and Senior Pastor of The “New” Church, McCaa is the chief strategic planner and visionary.  He manages staff, conducts leadership development training sessions, provides counseling and facilitates social development seminars.


Outside of The “New” Church, McCaa has served as a voice and instrument coach. He is a motivational speaker and has spoken at churches and conferences nationwide.


As a former educator, McCaa is also dedicated to developing curricula and positive social and spiritual programming for children and youth.  He is also the founder of Youth Community Outreach Promoters, and the founder of Youth Coalition Ministries, a national network for ministers and laity.


McCaa has a BA in Music from Webster University and a Master's in Theological Studies from Eden Theological Seminary.




About the Host
Raegan Johnson is a Saint Louis, Missouri native. She graduated magna cum laude from Saint Louis University with a B.A. in communications and has a M.A. in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Raegan has worked in the fields of magazine and newspaper journalism, public relations and both corporate and non-profit communications.


In 2010, she was recognized as one of the St. Louis Business Journal’s 30 under 30. In 2012, she was recognized as one of the St. Louis American Foundation’s Young Leaders.

Raegan is currently working on a Ph.D. in public policy at Saint Louis University. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering with various organizations including the United Way of Greater St. Louis, and The “New” Church.

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