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TMHS 215: Proven Methods To Reverse Multiple Sclerosis And Other Chronic Autoimmune Diseases – With Dr. Terry Wahls

on Thursday, 20 April 2017. Posted in The Model Health Show, Recently Added


I thought that it was too late for me. I thought that too much time had passed…


For two and a half years I was in pain as my spine was essentially falling apart. Two herniated discs, advanced degeneration, and a disease prognosis that gave me no hope of recovery.


Leading up to the day that I finally decided to make some changes and do something about it, this profound sense of hopelessness came over me. I thought to myself, “Too much time has passed. If my body was going to get any better it would’ve happened by now.” I was giving myself an out before I even started. But, fortunately I woke up and gave my body a chance.


The funny thing was actually witnessing how quickly my body turned things around. My body was wanting all along to restore vibrant health, but I was fighting against it. All I needed to do was give my body the right conditions to do what it already knows how to do. Our bodies are designed to heal. Our bodies are designed to thrive.


But what about the case of an autoimmune disease? Isn’t your body fighting against you this time? Well, not exactly. In the case of many autoimmune diseases, your body thinks that it’s actually helping you by attacking your tissues. It’s friendly fire. But, why in the world would it do that?


That’s what Dr. Terry Wahls was struggling to understand when multiple sclerosis left her wheelchair-bound and slowly watching her life slip away. Years went by for her as well. But, fortunately, she didn’t give up. And her story, which you’re going to hear today, is absolutely incredible!


Dr. Wahls protocol has enabled tens of thousands of people all over the world to put their MS or autoimmune diseases into remission. The principles in how she was able to make this happen are bundled up for you right here, and I’m beyond grateful to be able to share it with you.


As you may know from my story, I had a complete reversal of the spinal and bone disease, and better health than I could’ve ever imagined. But there are countless stories of transformations like this, and Dr. Wahls is one of them. I want you to know that no matter how long you’ve been struggling in your health, there is always an opportunity for you to turn things around. Hopefully Dr. Wahls protocol will provide you with some tools and inspiration to help make it happen. Enjoy!


In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How magnesium deeply impacts sleep quality.
  • How multiple sclerosis (MS) invaded Dr. Wahls’ life leaving her debilitated and struggling with chronic pain.
  • What enabled Dr. Wahls to go from wheelchair bound to full, energetic function (she can now go on an 18 mile bike ride just for fun!)
  • How to enable hope to reemerge in your life.
  • What the underlying cause behind MS is.
  • The severe problems with the way conventional medicine treats MS.
  • What roles genetics plays in developing MS.
  • How myelin is related to MS and the important function it plays for overall health.
  • How to improve the performance of myelin through exercise.
  • Which essential nutrients are crucial for creating and supporting myelin.
  • How cholesterol lower drugs can contribute to complications with MS.
  • Which key hormones your body creates through the modification of cholesterol.
  • How sun exposure is intimately related to MS.
  • The shocking number of genes that are influenced by vitamin D.
  • Why sunscreen might be more problematic than beneficial.
  • The incredible way that our microbiome and gut health influence MS.
  • Why Dr. Wahls had affordability and simplicity in mind when she created her cookbook.
  • How stress an unresolved conflict can wreak havoc on your health.
  • Whether or not The Wahls Protocol can be effective in treating other autoimmune diseases besides MS.


Items mentioned in this episode include:


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