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TMHS 199: Creating Powerful Relationships And Why Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus – With Dr. John Gray

on Tuesday, 31 January 2017. Posted in The Model Health Show, Recently Added


One of my favorite statements of all-time was from Dr. Wayne Dyer when he said, “You don’t attract what you want. You attract what you are.”


Our relationships say a lot about us. They tell us our strengths and weaknesses. They reveal to us our capacity to grow and change. And, most importantly, they give us moment-to-moment feedback about where our life really is.


You see, nothing influences our health, happiness, and success in life more than our relationships. Your most intimate relationship has the greatest influence of all. Anyone who’s ever been in love before knows that love (or lack thereof) permeates itself into everything that you do. It’s the foremost place of inspiration, yet so many of us today put our relationships on the backburner (or worse, on autopilot).


I’m beyond excited to bring a true legend and gift of a human being on the show today to share his most valuable insights for having the relationship that you truly deserve. John Gray is walking, talking amazing. You’re about to find out exactly why is regarded as the #1 relationship expert of our time, and the ah-ha moments will be flowing left and right!


Many times it’s the small things that make a huge difference. And by putting more intention into your relationship (or creating one) you will experience an exponential growth of success in all areas of life. It’s nearly impossible not to! Enjoy this and make sure to share it with the people you love.


In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to understand the distinction between different types of pain.
  • Which little known supplement can reduce hangover symptoms by up to 96%.
  • Whether or not it’s ideal to have water with your meals.
  • What inspired the most well-known relationship expert in the world to become interested in relationships (amazing story!).
  • Why it’s not a man’s job to make a woman happy (and what our job really is!).
  • How testosterone plays into the role of attraction.
  • The surprising reason why men need a “man cave”.
  • How digestion impacts happiness and well-being.
  • How healthy relationships help your immune system to be more resilient.
  • Why it’s valuable to have social interactions beyond your close relationship.
  • How handling stress inappropriately can convert a man’s testosterone into estrogen.
  • What causes us to revert back to behaviors we learned from our parents.
  • What causes relationships that were passionate in the beginning to fizzle away.
  • The greatest gift a woman could ever receive in a relationship.
  • What happens when women suppress their emotions.
  • Why a man’s tendency to want to fix things can backfire.
  • What superpower women have to make their man be stronger and more giving.
  • How to help ensure that your significant other supports you in your health & wellness endeavors.


Items mentioned in this episode include:


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