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TMHS 177: Metabolic Multitasking, Spot-Treating Fat, And The Laws Of Fat Loss - With Dr. Jade Teta

on Tuesday, 04 October 2016. Posted in The Model Health Show, Recently Added


How can a society with access to infinite information struggle so mightily with an issue like weight loss? I think that one major reason is that knowledge of the body and how it works is advertised to be complex and difficult to understand. We, as a society, are led to believe that our own bodies (that we call home!) are far too confusing that only a small percentage of people seem to understand the truth about them.


Well, I’m here to share with you that the truth surrounding how your body and metabolism works is simple, attainable, and your birthright to know about. Galileo said, “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” Today we have the incredible Dr. Jade Teta on to help you discover how your amazing metabolism works so that you can be empowered to create the body and life you want.


In this episode you’ll discover:


  • What hormones actually are.
  • The amazing things that can happen when “passion bumps into purpose”.
  • Why the way we think about metabolism is terribly wrong.
  • What The Law of Metabolic Compensation is.
  • Why muscle is expensive for your body to carry.
  • How fat and muscle release “metabolic smoke”.
  • What Metabolic Multitasking is (this is powerful!).
  • What the heck HEC is and how it impacts your body.
  • The 4 different ways to shift your ratio of diet and exercise to keep your metabolism responding.
  • Why “structured flexibility” is so important to changing your body composition.
  • How woman can cross-train their menstrual cycle for better fitness results.
  • Whether or not you can spot-treat stubborn fat areas.
  • Which supplements are clinically proven to be helpful for fat loss.


Items mentioned in this episode include:



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