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TMHS 172: Overcome Your Biggest Challenges With The Proven Benefits Of Expressive Writing – With Katie Dalebout

on Tuesday, 30 August 2016. Posted in The Model Health Show, Recently Added


How do you actually know what you think?


A lot of us are under the impression that we know what we think because we hear a lot of inner chatter in our heads (straightjacket not included), or because we talk about what we think with other people. But that’s not what we really think.


The inner chatter in your head is mostly surface stuff; fluff. It’s the bright and shining outside of the orange that can easily hide the real juicy stuff in the middle. And the things you think that you share with other people – it’s filtered. A lot. Even your very best friends have probably never heard your deepest thoughts.


There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a safety mechanism to keep us comfortable and feeling as though we will be accepted. Filtering is socially acceptable because everybody does it whether they realize it or not. The only problem with it is that all of the real thoughts and feelings you have may never get looked at. The good, the bad, and the ugly in so many of our psychies is often heavily suppressed. The not-so-good stuff held in can lead to destructive behavior, depression, and addiction (to name a few) and it’s all clinically proven. And the good stuff held in can lead to living a life that’s not true to who you really are. Your visions, goals, and aspirations not analyzed and expressed can lead to supreme feelings of regret, resentment, and cause you to miss out on the incredible fulfillment that’s possible for you.


So, do you really know what you think? Today it’s time to uncover the things usually hiding in plain sight that are holding you back. Today you’re going to learn about the proven benefits of expressive writing with the one and only Katie Dalebout.


In this episode you’ll discover:


  • What controls everything that we think and everything that we do.
  • The surprising clinically proven impact that journaling has on depression.
  • How expressive writing can influence PTSD.
  • Why using unhealthy methods to control our weight is so prevalent in our society.
  • How Katie “accidentally” discovered the vast benefits of journaling.
  • The surprising truth about why we filter ourselves around other people.
  • Why there’s only one way to do journalling wrong.
  • What important thing journaling forces us to do.
  • What most of society uses to not feel their feelings.
  • Why curiosity is an important ingredient for understanding your own thoughts.
  • The 6 critical pointers for getting the most out of expressive writing.
  • The surprising revelation about what happens when you choose to suppress your feelings.
  • Why befriending yourself is a huge key to success and happiness.
  • What our top two favorite journaling exercises are.


Items mentioned in this episode include:



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