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SIU coach loses cool, loses some player respect in the process

on Thursday, 19 December 2013. Posted in Sportsmanship

Coaching rants are nothing new. The recipe is quite simple: Take a team with a losing record, add a frustrated coach and throw in a few HD cameras and you have a mess-terpiece. Southern Illinois coach Barry Hinson went off the rails after Tuesday night's 73-65 Murray State.

The Salukis are 2-8, Hinson is clearly frustrated -- and oh, look -- HD cameras. Here's the rant-du-jour if you haven't seen it (email subscribers click here).

Coaches know they look ridiculous when they act this way. Some think it helps motivate athletes. Sure, comparing their play to a dog and that of the coach's wife should fire those kids up right away. They should want to run through a wall for you now, coach.

Well...not so much. Hinson's tirade prompted one of his players, senior Davante Drinkard, to take to Twitter in response. Check out what he posted below.

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