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Shalom Church in St. Louis

Pastor24Shalom Church (City of Peace) was founded in 1993 by pastor, Dr. Freddy J. Clark. The ministry is built on the principles of preaching, teaching and praying under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Shalom Church is Christian by faith and Baptist by denominational affiliation. Through weekly worship, prayer service and bible study, Shalom Family Members are nurtured and given tools to aid them in their spiritual journey.

Shalom Church (City of Peace) has two locations in the St. Louis area. One facility is located in the Berkeley community and Lindbergh campus is located in Florissant, Missouri. Shalom Church has a momentum and growth because of a dynamic environment that combines traditional and contemporary elements that appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Visitors and members of the church are greeted and cared for in such a manner that they are not only loved, but also challenged to deeper levels of faith and commitment. The spirit of hospitality rings clear thoughout the entire ministry.

We have three exciting worships in two locations:

7:30a & 9:45a - Lindbergh Campus   12:00p - Berkeley Campus (Mother Church)


Sunday Sermon: My Sheep Know My Voice [SCCOP]

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Sunday Sermon: My Sheep Know My Voice [SCCOP]

Dr. F. James Clark, Shalom Church City of Peace (St. Louis, MO). Today's Sermon is entitled,

"Jesus The Good Shepherd"

Prayer Principles

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Prayer Principles

Learn to pray more effectively with this Sunday Sermon.

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