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USA vs Cuba-AIR

on Saturday, 12 March 2016. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added


LifeFight Segment 026: Team USA vs Cuba with special guests champions Brendan Raymer & Drew Gigax!


Cuba has finally decided to open its ports to the US after a long spurt of banning Americans from their country. They highly dislike our “capitalist” ways and the dictator doesn’t want us to influence his fellow countrymen! Sooooo… what do WE do as soon as young Castro Jr. decides to unclench his fist, open the ports and allow Americans the opportunity that his father would never allow? WE GO IN AND START A FIGHT!


That’s right. American kickboxing promoter Chip Post saw this as a great opportunity to celebrate this suggestion with a kickboxing match up of Team USA vs Team Cuba! Cuba accepted the challenge and lined up their best men for the battle. Chip Post then went on a search throughout the U.S. to find the top fighters to represent us. One of his stops was Andre’s Academy where he asked for my two champions Brendan Raymer & Drew Gigax. We accepted without hesitation.


Of course I knew the position that he United States was in with Cuba, so when I upped Brendan and Drew’s training for the fight, I also included survival skills training just in case a war broke out. I educated them on how to make weapons from everyday items; rules on maintaining water & food; how to secure their hotel rooms from invaders and more. Raymer and Gigax would arrive in Cuba prepared to fight inside of the ring and outside of it if necessary.


Now if Cuba was going to allow America to “invade” them with their fighters for the 1st historical Team USA vs Team Cuba event, there was no way in the world that Cuba wanted us to walk away with a win. So the dictator, who owns and runs everything in the country from the banks to the carwashes, was sure to find his top fighters to verse Raymer & Gigax. Raymer’s opponent was Yosian Garbey, with at record of 13 wins – and 1 loss plus 20lbs on Raymer. Gigax’s opponent was Javier Mesa with a record of 29 wins -1 loss and 10 Kos! His Kos equaled the number of fights Drew Gigax had within his young career.


On this podcast you will hear the story directly from Raymer and Gigax regarding what occurred in their fights. And I guarantee you that that won’t be the most exciting part. During this podcast I could barely get the two to talk about the fight, because they had so much more to tell about their experience within the country. Their experiences of a lack of food and water; hourly weight drops and gains; overheating; dehydration; and more importantly, their moments with the citizens of this country that once banned Americans from ever stepping foot on their soil.


There’s a great lesson for us all as Americans to learn that can only be taught to you in this podcast by our two American warriors and courageous top fighters who learned more about America while in Cuba, than they did while growing up on U.S. soil. I learned A LOT interviewing them and trust me… you don’t want to miss it! You and everyone that you know needs to listen to this educational and inspiring interview because on this interview I’m no longer the only one in your corner… champions Brendan Raymer & Drew Gigax are too!

Stay Strong!

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