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Modern Urban Survival Weapons Creation

on Wednesday, 09 December 2015. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added

Most people reading this will not have a gun or adequate weapon to protect themselves from the scenarios below.  So what are your options when you need to defend yourself in a sudden emergency?


Even if you don’t watch the news or read the paper you know there are scary things going on around us every day.  


Terror attacks
Civil attacks
Home Invasions


It doesn’t matter where you live this is happening in every community and neighborhood.  It is just a matter of time before it happens to someone you know or yourself.  Or maybe it already has.  


So what can you do to be prepared and not live in absolute fear the rest of your life?


You can have a plan and you can attack back.  The worst thing a criminal wants is for someone to attack back because they are no longer an easy target.  Criminals don’t like to have to work for their crime.  They want something easy and simple.  That is why they attack people who are buried in their phones, distracted and not paying attention.  


This video below isn’t going to help you if you are attacked on the street.  It is going to help you though if a gunman comes into a place of business, worship, etc and starts shooting people or taking hostages.  You can make a weapon out of just about anything and this video below will show you how to make a punishing weapon out of just 3 items.  


Check it out.



What do you think?  


Does it give you any ideas on weapons you can create with items in your home, briefcase or items in your car? 

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