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Magnificent Martial Art Movie Messages

on Monday, 09 November 2015. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added


Segment 022: Magnificent Martial Art Movie Messages

Hello strong listener! In this LifeFight segment, “Magnificent Martial Art Movie Messages”, I am going to reveal hidden messages of morale that I have found in numerous martial arts movies. Of course I know just as you do that movies were created mainly for entertainment, but I think there are some movie creators whose intentions are a little more than just selling a ticket.


The original “KARATE KID” may be a corny, old timer’s movie to today’s younger generations, but it is definitely on the top of my list as a deliverer of a Magnificent Martial Art Movie Message. Even though the main character, Danny, did commit himself to training hard and practicing the martial arts to defeat his neighborhood bullies, there is something else that Danny had that made him trainable, and gave him true hope to defeat the rival experts who had been training way longer than him. Of course this trait in Danny was never officially pointed out in the movie, and many people may not have even noticed it about Danny. This trait existed within Danny before he even met the martial arts instructor who guided him on the path to change his life. This trait of Danny’s was courage. All through the movie Danny refused to back down to the bullies, even when he knew he was going to get beat up by the whole group. This is the main power that gave Danny potential to defeat his enemies, and I think the writer and director did an excellent job of strategically placing this message within the movie.

Another favorite of mine that delivers a Magnificent Martial Art Movie Message is “KUNG FU HUSTLE!” This movie is an incredible act of humor, special effects and super powered martial artists. It has many messages that it delivers, and one of my favorite ones is the message that, “just because you do the right thing doesn’t mean that you are going to win.” Of course this message was delivered in a heartbreaking scene, where the star of the show steps in as a child to save a blind girl who is being bullied by a gang of older boys. Now the star of the show had previously been practicing “The Rotating Palm” martial art style daily before this incident. He had even developed enough power to make the trees sway when he delivered his deadly strike in the air. Well, things don’t work out like he expects when he decides to strike one of the bullies with his Rotating Palm technique. The technique fails and the bullies beat the snot out of him then celebrate by urinating on the defeated child. Of course our little star is shamed in front of the little girl, and he runs off as she tries to pick him up. Now the Magnificent Martial Art Movie Message that I saw in this scene was that the little boy succeeded in his effort even though his martial art failed in the way that he wanted to use it. He still saved the girl even though he had to take the beaten that she may have ended up taking. This is an important message that we all must learn when it comes to playing the true hero. Heroes don’t always shine.

The last Magnificent Martial Art Movie Message that I’m going to reveal to you comes from one of my personal favorite movies, KUNG FU PANDA! KUNG FU PANDA delivers so many messages that I think the writer, and director had to be levitating over a lily pad when they put this hilarious, heart wrenching movie together. One of the powerfully Magnificent Martial Art Movie Messages that was delicately placed was that, “one’s weakness can become one’s greatest strength when given proper attention.” Throughout the movie the star character, Po, was ridiculed and even hated for his obese stature. Even he knew that his body structure did not fit that of the great martial artist that he was expected to become to save the village from the ruthless villain Tae Lung. When the show down arrived, Tae Lung even defeated Po’s heroes, “The Furious Five”. But when Tae Lung attempted to use the same paralyzing death touch on Po that he used on them, it failed. Tae Lung’s deadly technique couldn’t penetrate Po’s fat. It even tickled Po causing him to laugh and slip into his comical character which led to him defeating Tae Lung.

Enjoy listening to Magnificent Martial Arts Movie Messages and let your child sit in too. And I encourage you to check out the movies that I speak on and see if you see the same messages that I did, or maybe you’ll see one that I didn’t. Thanks again for always listening.

Jermaine Andre’

“Now I’m in YOUR corner!”

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