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LifeFight Segment 025: Why we overeat

on Monday, 01 February 2016. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added


Just the other day I was explaining to Rebekah how I had eaten so much popcorn, candy, ice cream etc… in one sitting while watching a couple of movies that I made myself sick! I felt like I was about to puke at any moment AND moreover, I WANTED to puke. Now here’s the catch… I didn’t want to puke so I could feel better… I wanted to puke so I could continue to eat more! Yes, me. Now don’t sweat me too much because I’m sure you’ve probably been there a couple of times yourself. But this almost gluttonous moment in my life helped me to realize a new enemy that we had all better learn to stand up to. And that enemy is called, “Overeating!”


This is why I felt it was so important to do this podcast on “Why we overeat.” Overeating is becoming an epidemic in America opposite of other countries whose food epidemics usually stem from starvation or “undereating”. Now of course we know that one of the reasons that we overeat is because our food is easy for us to acquire. We don’t have to hunt, grow or harvest anything! It all sits on a shelf just waiting for us to trade slips of paper for it. I personally feel that this process desensitizes us from appreciating a lot of the food that we can easily buy. We take it for granted which can easily lead to our neglect.


In this LifeFight segment, “Why we overeat”, I give 7 reasons as to why we can’t seem to stop from converting our spoons, and forks into shovels whenever we’re around food. I feel that we all need to control our overeating and the first step is to know “why” we do it. Here are some of the reasons.


Boredom is a big factor in our overeating. When the mind isn’t occupied with tasks it easily steers towards food. Boredom is one of the worse experiences that we encounter as human beings, and we have learned how to battle it with food! No more boring work conventions or weekends at grandmas, because food will be there! So understanding that you may be overeating when you’re bored, offers you some insight that could help you to control this behavior. Find something to do when you’re bored so your mind doesn’t shift to food!


Peer pressure from family, friends, co-workers and even bosses can be a big part of your overeating. If you’re attending lots of business functions that are always catered heavily with food, this may be your vice. If some of your surrounding buddies are dedicated overeaters, they are going to be sure to always include you in the duty as they overstuff themselves. And definitely beware the baking grandmother or mother who may have you confused with Hansel & Gretel. This can be a hard battle because your family, friends, and possibly even boss could feel insulted when you don’t eat the cooking that they put their heart and soul or money into.


Visual attraction is another reason “Why we overeat”. Food companies load their products up with food coloring, carnauba wax, a ½ naked woman and anything else that can convince you to want it for any other reason than simply the taste of it. And if you’re doubting me I want you to think about how tasty the following items appear: Cupcakes; Jelly Beans; Ice Cream; Birthday Cake; Cotton Candy. Now all of these things are basically the same forms of everyday sugar, but the colors and decorations make us want to gobble them down more than we would if they were just brown or white.


Now of course I know that you know that it is my job to do more than just “inform” you of your enemies who make you overeat. I will also educate you on how to defeat them! But you have to listen to the podcast to get that info. But fret not! It’s FREE for you to listen! See. You never have to worry because…Now, I’m your corner!

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