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LifeFight Segment 024: Beyond CCW

on Monday, 25 January 2016. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added


Are YOU ready to be a legal vigilante? Well get your tights and cape out because as of now, it is legal for you to be a superhero in most states in the U.S. How do you get signed up to play the position of Kick Ass in your neighborhood? Surprisingly you may be a citizen who already is signed up and has taken on the duty to kick some criminal booty, and in this segment, Beyond CCW, I’m going to give you tips so you don’t end up with your Ass Kicked!


As we zip through space and time things around us change. And if we want to keep up and survive among those changes, we had better make some changes ourselves. One of the changes that we’re finding ourselves having to make as Americans is within our self-defense. Criminals are getting so bold and savvy that they’re manipulating around law enforcement to comment crimes upon the everyday citizen. Carjacking, home invasions, attacking joggers in the park, are all sneaky crimes that have become so hard for law enforcement to stop, that citizens have voted to take the law into their own hands. And the tactic that citizens are using is to arm themselves with guns while away from their homes!


Of course it always seems a sensible solution to fight fire with fire when your enemy is burning the crap out of you. For clarification, I personally do agree with arming the 75 year old woman with a .357 who has to walk past the group of gang members in North St. Louis to buy groceries. All citizens should have an equal chance at immediate defense against a criminal, and we all know that most if not all criminals use guns. Sometimes law enforcement can’t respond before the criminal does his deed, and none of us feel that our life or the life of a loved one is worth taking the chance to see if the police can make it on time, this time.


HOWEVER… even though this has proven to be a sensible solution, there are problems with gun carriers that are beginning to surface. #1: Some gun carriers feel that they aren’t receiving enough training with the certification course so they still won’t carry their firearm. #2. Criminals are targeting gun carriers and robbing them of their guns.


Now you know as well as I do that I could hand you a certificate to carry nunchucks and it wouldn’t matter one bit if you have no training with using them. Furthermore, it may be nice that you can swing them around with fancy moves while we’re in the safety of the dojo and you aren’t under any kind of real attack, but how are you going to respond when there’s a serious threat in front of you? You don’t know because you’ve yet to feel the pressure of an attack with that weapon in your hand.


In this podcast segment, Beyond CCW, I talk about some of the incidents where legal pistol packing citizens are robbed of the pistol that they’re packing by savvy criminals. I also cover the areas where gun carriers are extremely vulnerable to be attacked BECAUSE they are carrying a gun. I will give you tips from my Beyond CCW training course on how to assure that you don’t end up on the embarrassing end of having your gun taken from you.


There’s much to consider in regards to self-defense if you are a gun carrier than just carrying and having the will to shoot. The most important is the action of making an effective draw. There are many things to consider when trying to make an effective draw such as; #1. Where your gun is upon your person. #2. What kind of clothing you have to maneuver through to get to your gun. #3. How close your attacker is to you. #4. What or who is between you and the attacker. That’s a small example of some unconsidered things that can get you stuck in the draw during a panicking situation. And this podcast segment, Beyond CCW will cover many more of the angles that you and the certifying course may not have thought of.


So be sure to listen to Beyond CCW and encourage any pistol packing friends that you have to listen also, because I’d hate to see your gun carrying intentions to backfire on you.


Stay Strong,


Jermaine Andre’


“Now I’m in your corner.”

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