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Jermaine Talks Teen Attack Back With His Daughter

on Monday, 10 August 2015. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added


In this segment of LifeFight, I bring my 16 year old daughter Kaitlyn Andre’ on air with me. I’m sure you can imagine that her personality is a definite extension of mine, but I promise that we do get some sensible work accomplished once we steer through her consistent harassment of me.


Since Kaitlyn is reaching her adult years I’m introducing her to all of the rated R movies that I wouldn’t allow her to watch . The first intro into the old school movie screen was Rambo! Kaitlyn and I discuss the heart wrenching speech that Rambo gives at the end of Rambo I regarding returning to America as a soldier and being spit on. Kaitlyn relates well to this topic because her mother is a retired Air Force Airman.


Models! Icons! Singers! Dancers! Kaitlyn questions me regarding how teen girls try their hardest to live up to the images that are portrayed in advertisements, movies and on the stage. She asks for advice on ways to keep from falling into this hopeless pitfall like she sees some of her peers do. Of course I load Kaitlyn up with plenty of ammo including informing her that most of the models, actors fitness people etc… are photo shopped in their pictures so they don’t even meet those expectations. I also encourage her that we are all given what we have to work with and we can never be exactly like someone else. The key to life is to figure our personal talents and enhance them.


How do youth deal with being physically attacked by bullies when they will be suspended or expelled for fighting back? This was a question that was a little difficult to answer to my daughter who I personally trained to physically stand up for herself when needed. The answer to this question is not easy for the administration, principles, teachers, parents or youth. Bullies now act out in groups with efforts to intimidate all of the students and sometimes even the teachers. Youth who are at school for academics have to come together to form a group that is against fighting in school.


Kaitlyn questions protection against abduction by giving an example of a scene from the movie “The Call” starring Halle Berry. She describes the scene where a man bumps into a young girl and he grabs and drugs her in a very slick manner. The man’s strategy was very well planned, and it appeared to Kaitlyn that there was no way that the abduction could have been avoided. Of course I had to smash her thought of helplessness by pointing out the mistake of the girl being on her cell phone, and not being aware while walking through an unsafe parking garage.


Kaitlyn and I steered into the conversation of being home alone and the threat of a potential break in. I immediately put my foot down to remind her and all of her teen friends to NEVER announce that you are home alone on social networks, or that your parents are leaving town. This is something that I see many teens do on social networks and they have to understand that there are more people than just their friends reading their threads. I also gave a small lesson on how to create non-lethal "booby traps" that can injure an intruder. A handful of cayenne pepper powder can convert any home alone teen into a fire spitting ninja! And some simple Baby Oil or Vegetable Oil squirted on the kitchen floor can turn a walking surface into an immediate ice rink!


Kaitlyn and I discuss more topics from what to do if a gun man enters the classroom and opens fire, to dealing with the modern day boyfriend. Kaitlyn asks the hard core questions and you can best believe I give the hard core answers. So please listen to this podcast and definitely include your teen child, grandchild, niece, nephew or friend so they can also know what Kaitlyn knows and asks me the questions that every kid wants to ask. And remember to give us reviews on i-Tunes, Stitcher and we now have an iHeart Radio Station!


So lock and load with this podcast so you can carry it in your backpack as you continue the path of your LifeFight. And always remember that now… I’m in your corner.




Jermaine Andre’

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