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Impossible Self-Defence Situations

on Monday, 16 November 2015. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added


Segment 023: Impossible Self-Defense Situations


Hello strong listener. I hope all is well for you. In this LifeFight segment, Impossible Self-Defense Situations, I plan to give you some tips, info and even strategies to assure that you never get caught in a situation where it may be impossible to use self-defense. This could happen to you and believe it or not, it happens to people every day. This is because criminals think just as we do, and they are becoming savvier in working around awareness and even security features. And this is why I plan to give you some Intel to keep you ahead in the battle.


In the opening of Impossible Self-Defense Situations podcast I cover one of the current lessons at my Mixed Martial Arts Academy. I’m sure you know that most self-defense development occurs inside the safety of the dojo walls, where strong measures are taken to assure that injuries don’t happen. This gives students and members a confident feeling of safety while also shielding them from the harsh weather conditions. As necessary as these elements are in a modern dojo for it to operate correctly for modern day people, these comforts can weaken the trainees defense. How you ask? By programming the mind to always be comfortable and familiar when executing self-defense techniques. This will happen to the brain if the trainees always train in the same environment, with the same tone and the same classmates. Therefore, I took it upon myself to bring a change to my members, and we all trained outside in the parking lot, in our cars! I showed them how to Hammer Fist the groin of an unwanted passenger; how to donkey kick someone who tries to force their way in the car and more! It was a great experience for them all that brought a small shock to the brain. Be sure to extend your self-defense training outside the classroom.


Let’s move along into Impossible Self-Defense Situations. The first situation that was brought to my attention was the shooting of a reporter while she was conducting an interview. The gunman walked right up to her and open fired. She never saw him coming. Unfortunately she and her cameraman were both killed. A situation such as this one proves to be very difficult to defend, because reporters are taught to zone out their surroundings when they are reporting. It is not only a honed skill; it is a requirement that allows them to perform their job well. Sadly this skill totally diminishes their awareness at that moment. However, as hopeless as a situation such as this may seem, there is something that can be done to detour this outcome. I reveal this tactic in this podcast.


Another Impossible Self-Defense Situation that was brought to my attention was a carjacking that occurred in a woman’s garage. A lady drove her Toyota Camry into her home garage and hit the button to close the main door. She stepped out of her vehicle as the door closed but then the door suddenly opened back up. She looked over at the garage door to see 2 gunmen coming at her through the opening garage door. They assaulted her and stole her vehicle.


In this situation the attackers obviously stalked this lady to learn her behaviors, hid as she drove up, then used the safety feature of the garage to gain access to her home while she was alone and secluded. These carjackers had a thorough plan that they executed in a timely manner. These types of attacks can be hard to defeat but not impossible. If you want to assure that you don’t become the victim of a harder working, thinking criminal then you have to work harder on your awareness. In this podcast I will give you some advice, and tactics to blow the whistle on a sneak attack like this.


The next Impossible Self-Defense Situation that was thrown at me was very upsetting. I was surprised that situations such as this one even existed, but horribly they do. I was even shown video of people getting attacked while holding newborn babies and small children. Can you imagine someone punching and kicking at you while you’re holding a baby in your arms?! This is insane! And yes it would be VERY difficult to defend yourself while trying to shelter the child and avoid falling on top of and crushing it! I pray that that videos that I saw were isolated incidents of sick individuals whom none of the rest of us would ever behave like. Of course I quickly came up with some solutions on how to defend yourself, and the child if you ever find yourself in a situation such as this. You can hear them on this LifeFight segment, Impossible Self-Defense Situations.


Remember that you can always contact me through the LifeFight Facebook page if you have questions regarding self-defense, awareness or just any topic that you would like me to shred. I hope this segment aids you and the people that you care for as you continue the path of your LifeFight. And always remember, that I’m in your corner now!


Jermaine André

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