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How To Take A Carjackers Gun (2 Steps)

on Monday, 12 October 2015. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added

You finally found it…


There is nothing scarier than having a gun pointed at your head.


In today’s world even if you give up what the gunman wants there is a good chance the gunman will still shoot you because they are complete scum and have no respect for others.


So what do you do?


You could give up your car and while getting out hope you don’t get shot for no reason.


You could give up your car and while getting out fight with the carjacker for their gun.


You could give up your car and while getting out run for your life and hope they don’t shoot you or chase you down.


Or you could do this…


Take the scumbags gun from him.


This may sound like a daunting task, but I am going to break down step by step exactly how you can do this below.


There are 2 steps to taking your carjackers gun


Let’s begin with…


Step 1:  Do what they expect… Move your hands


A gunman is going to expect you to move your hands and “give up”.  That means you are putting your hands in the air and you talk to them such as “ok, ok I will give you my car”.


They don’t expect you to sit there and freeze.  They are giving you a chance to make a move.  Give them want they expect and this will have them relax because in their mind the plan is working.


Step 2:  Grab gun and move your head forward


This step is a dangerous step, but can be done with accuracy and quickness.  While your hands are raised and near your head you will reach with your right hand and grab the gun.  At the same time you are grabbing the gun your head is going to move forward.  You are doing this in case the gunman does get jumpy and pulls the trigger.


(Secret Tip):  When you grab the gun you want to keep pushing your hand forward so it twists the gunman’s hand backwards.


This will release the gun from his hand because he won’t be able to hang on to the gun with just 1 finger.  It will also be pointed back at him so if he pulls that trigger it will shoot at him.


Video below will show you how to do these 2 simple steps and see it in action.


Play the video below…



Now that you have seen how this is done you should practice this with of course a fake gun or wooden gun like shown in the video above.  The more you practice this the more comfortable you will become in doing this in real life.


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