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How To Spot A Concealed Weapon

on Thursday, 12 November 2015. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added

Want to know when you go out to the clubs or have to walk down a street alone after a business dinner that you can spot someone that is armed?  A potential attacker?


I am going to give you a rundown on what it takes to spot a concealed weapon and your potential attacker.  You will spot them before they even know they have been spotted.  This will allow you to take an alternate route, back track to the location you came from or have your weapons ready to strike before they strike you.


What is the first crucial step you must do when assessing a person?


1. Determine if they are left or right handed (which is their strong side)


You can look for easy indicators such as watches, how they old objects if they have any in their hands, which hand do they smoke with, etc.


You will be able to spot which side is their dominant side.


The next step is…


2. Look for what is called “A Security Feel”


If they are carrying a gun on them they will periodically touch that gun and many times won’t even realize they are doing it.  They do this to give them confirmation they have their gun still.  Most are illegally owned so they are aware they have an illegal weapon on them.


You can look for touching, grazing of the same location with their hand or arm.


Adjustments especially if they have it just in their waist band.  Their arm may be stiffer on the side they have the gun.  They may also bend or lean toward that side because it helps them keep the gun from falling out.


Why do most illegal gun owners carry them in their waist band?  Well, they aren’t going to go out and buy a holster for it since it is illegal for them to have that gun.  They see it in the media and it is an easy and accessible spot to keep it.


Here are some more characteristics to look for:


  • Keep pulling their shirt or jacket down
  • Pulling pants up
  • The leg and arm on the gun side don’t swing as naturally as the opposite side when they walk.
  • Keep looking down at the gun location
  • Elbow is in tight to body almost as if holding the gun in place
  • Guns have weight to them so is a pocket looking weighted down or do their pants sag just on one side?


What if they are sitting in a vehicle waiting to ambush or surprise attack you?  


Now if you are out on the street and your attacker is in a car it is a little harder to know if they are carrying a weapon or getting ready to attack.  There are still signs of an impending attack.


  •     Is the vehicle moving slowly down the street?
  • Are the occupants looking suspiciously at certain things.
  • Is the car parked on the side of the road, but running?
  • Watch for the rising of their shoulder as if they are pulling something out of their coat or waistband.  Their arm and shoulder usually will come up towards their head when they do this. 
  • Do you see them watching you in their side door mirror?


Bandit in mask with gun waiting for victimThese are all signs that you are about to be attacked.  So as you walk do your Arnold Schwarzenegger terminator scan of people, cars, concealed entrances of buildings.  Spot your attacker before they know they have been spotted.


Your Best Defense is AWARENESS!

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