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Employing Your Haters

on Monday, 03 August 2015. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added


Haters! We hear about them daily. We probably even talk about them daily. And whether we admit to it or not, a Hater can have a powerful effect on how others view us, and sometimes even on how we view ourselves. We must be careful in our dealings with our Haters or they can suck us right into their game, while using our energy to turn themselves into the star that we may be trying to be! And this is exactly why I am going to teach you in this LifeFight segment of Employing Your Haters, not only how to keep your Haters from bringing harm to you, but also how to employ them and their actions in your favor.


Of course there are many who may “think” they have a true Hater or even falsely claim that they have Haters to try and boost their importance amongst others. It must be clarified that for us to have a Hater we must have truly accomplished something of value. The actions of arrogance and/or rudeness which could lead to the immediate disliking of us as a person, does not define those who hate our guts because we are a jerk or suck, as a true Hater. A Hater is driven by a heart of jealousy against one who is doing well without the fallout of harming others to reach his or her goals.


WHO can be a Hater can be complex in this modern world for many reasons. One of the potential Haters that I uncover in this LifeFight segment of “Employing Your haters” is the old friend or family member who transforms into a Hater upon your success. This proves that we must always be prepared to run constant scans on those who surround us as we climb to the top. It can sometimes be possible that one of our closest associates hasn’t gotten infected with Haterism.


So what are some ways to put your Haters to work for you? I will reveal a couple of tactics in this letter and then you HAVE to listen to the rest of the podcast to get your magazine fully loaded with ammo.


One of the prestige jobs that your Hater does for you is to motivate you. When you hear someone speaking against you and trying to convince others of how “bad” you are, you need to use this as fuel to prove how good and powerful you are. Appreciate their challenge and use the anger that they create as energy to stop slacking off and to get out there and make their word garbage! With this energy you will win in more than one way in the end.


Another prestige, unpaid job that the Hater does for you is running a free evaluation on your performance, and pointing out all that is wrong with you. Listen to our Haters’ complaints and look into what he or she is saying. Is there truth to it? Do you honestly agree? If so, you have them to thank for aiding you in correcting something that the important people in your mission may have soon recognized. I personally can remember many things as a fighter that my Haters pointed out about me. I listened to their every word and gave myself an honest check over. There were times that they were correct so I fixed the problem without ever having to issue a payment to anyone!


Haters also help to boost your popularity by talking about you even if it’s bad. There’s an old show biz saying that says, “The only bad exposure is no exposure.” I have personally found this to be true and I reveal how in the podcast, “Employing your Haters”. Haters are working for free overtime to get people to know who you are for their claimed bad reason. And in America today we know that a bad boy, or bad girl reputation will most likely get you farther than not.


So please enjoy this podcast on Employing Your Haters . It will be an educational and fun listen for you. You won’t view a Hater the same after hearing this. And neither will you ever fear another Hater because now… I’m in your corner.


Jermaine Andre’

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