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Beware of Human Trafficking

on Tuesday, 25 August 2015. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added


LIFEFIGHT-Show 017-Beware of Human Trafficking


Hello! This is a very important segment for you to listen to. It is on Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking is a multibillion dollar industry that operates here in America, and possibly even in your neighborhood. The modern organizers of Human Trafficking have developed trapping tactics that can make it directly into your living room while you’re standing there watching. In this segment, Beware Human Trafficking I will have an expert researcher, Christy Huse, on the line with me who will expose these tactics. I will then give you ways to be prepared, aware and to defend if Human Trafficking ever happens to land on your doorstep.


One of the ways that Human Traffickers can operate is by identifying who they are going to kidnap off of the desires of their clients. Orders can be placed for certain types of victims and the kidnappers will go out to find what is wanted. This alone can make anyone an immediate target that may not have been a target just seconds ago.


The average target age for a victim is 13 years old. Girls are the main target but boys are also targets. Human Traffickers usually target run-aways and/or those from abusive family backgrounds. They do however adjust their webs to snare those from normal backgrounds if the description of the victim and situation fits.


All Human Trafficking doesn’t involve a violent kidnapping. Your neighbor, friend or even a family member can be a part of a Human Trafficking cell. Human Traffickers can be men and even women. Men can step into a targets life and play the role of the understanding boyfriend while turning the target against her family as he builds her trust. Female Human Traffickers can do the same by playing the “mother role” to young, girls. These types of Human Traffickers will usually be loaded with a fake identity and will shower their target with gifts.


All victims of Human Trafficking aren’t necessarily kidnapped and shipped out to another country. Many are even allowed to return home while forced to continue to work when called upon. They are controlled with threats of injury or death to them and/or their loved ones. Many young victims of Human Trafficking still live at home with their parents, and attend Junior High School or High School. Eventually these type of Human trafficking victims are brainwashed to believe that the cell is their family and they are converted into recruiters.


Christy points out that parents have to be stricter on their children. Don’t be afraid to upset your child because your are questioning them, snooping or saying no to things that you aren’t comfortable with. Get to know their friends and don’t’ allow them to go to parties and places that you know nothing about. Christy revealed that another way that Human Traffickers operate is to drug the drink of a target at a party so she will pass out. Once she passes out they sell use of her body to predators while she is unconscious. Then she will awaken the next morning having no idea as to what occurred.


Beware photoshoots and modeling invites on the social media. Human traffickers also play on girls’ dreams to be a star. Never allow your child to attend one of these functions alone even if it seems legit, and is under the name of a legit company. Human Trafficking cells have mastered masking themselves behind the names of legit companies. They then trap the ladies of choice who attend these try outs. Always research these companies and attend them with your child.


Human Trafficking is a big problem in the U.S. and world. Please don’t ever think that it can’t make it to your front door. Pay attention to the people that you allow around your child and stay deeply involved in your child’s life. Traffickers usually look for easy targets but they have also devised tactics that allow them to get to more difficult targets if the target meets a criteria that they are searching for. You can never be too careful when it comes to your child. Listen to LifeFight segment, “Beware Human Trafficking” and have your child listen also. This information will arm you and your family with the knowledge to never become a victim to this operation.




Jermaine Andre’


“Remember. I’m in your corner now!”

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