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8 Ways to destroy your workout

on Monday, 26 October 2015. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added


SEGMENT #020: 8 Ways to destroy your workout


Hello! I hope your morning is going good because NOW it is time for me to really get on you about that workout! If you are a student or client of mine’s then this is a place that I get to mini-monitor in this podcast where you can usually hide from my pointing finger! And if you are not a student or client of mine’s you are about to receive some FREE overspray lessons as I shower everyone in this LifeFight podcast episode with, 8 Ways to Destroy Your Workout!


The funny thing about this podcast is that it has absolutely nothing to do with what you do in the gym, on the track, in the pool or wherever you choose to get your fit on. This has to do with what YOU (and I) do when we’re not under the judging eyes of our fellow fitness and/or martial arts associates. 8 Ways to Destroy Your Workout is about what we do at home, at work, for entertainment and even before AND after our workouts! These are the moments that we can destroy everything that we busted our whoohoos to create while leaving us in a fog as to why we aren’t getting the results that we’re seeking.


But before I get into that juicy and possibly upsetting info, I definitely have to cover the story about the National Guard leader who was told by the Governor to put down the cheeseburgers, cake & ice cream! Yes, believe it or not our General of the National Guard is doing an excellent job in representing the American people in the area of obesity. And he’s doing such a good job that the Governor had to step in and pull him away from the dinner table! It sounds like this National Guard leader could probably add some powerful information to this podcast! Lol!


Getting back to the 8 Ways to Destroy Your Workout, the first point that I make is in regards to the lack of stretching! Neglecting stretching can destroy your workout in many ways with the main culprit being INJURIES! Stretching is neglected by fitness enthusiasts because it isn’t exciting or very active. This leaves us to feel as if we aren’t accomplishing much towards our fitness goal because we aren’t sweating or breathing heavy. And the flipside of this coin is even worse, because we may even use our precious stretching time to sit and be lazy instead of properly stretching. Well in 8 Ways to Destroy Your Workout I will give you my secrets to stretching, and how I can still put the bottom of my foot on a 6 foot tall standing man’s forehead, while maintaining the figure of a bodybuilder.


Another big “boo boo” that we all do in this world that demands all of our time and energy just to survive is a lack of recovery rest. It’s funny that I writing to you about this one in exact, because I am actually taking a day off because I was lacking rest. My past 2 days of workouts have $ucked badly. I’ve been weak and tired during my workouts and couldn’t complete my full tasks. I’ve had to crawl out of bed tired and even had to drag myself through the days. It was time for a break because I was destroying my workout by not allowing my muscles to recover and heal. I slept in this morning and took the day off of the training floor to allow some rest and recovery time. Now I should be 100% better when I face back off with that heavy bag tomorrow!


More opponents to your workout that I cover include but are not limited to; eating bad foods; overdosing supplements; ignoring potential injuries and much more. Working out is hard and the last thing that we want to do is to lose everything that we worked so hard to gain. 8 Ways to Destroy Your Workout will help you to identify when you may be breaking down your hard work. Ignorance is destructive and knowledge is constructive. The knowledge of 8 Ways to Destroy Your Workout will empower you with the vision to see the minute mistakes that can have a massive impact on your results. Be sure to listen to this LifeFight podcast 8 Ways to Destroy Your Workout so you can take full control of your results today.


Jermaine Andre’


“Now I’m in YOUR corner!”

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