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8 Ways to Be The Baddest Mo Fo in the Room

on Monday, 02 November 2015. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added


Hello strong listener! I hope you’re taking all that life can give you and smiling with every trying step that empowers your character! Today’s LifeFight podcast session is titled, “How to be the baddest Mo Fo in the room!” And in case you’re wondering what I may mean with this title, I am speaking in regards to being the toughest, roughest, readiest to kick but sum bit*h everywhere that you go! Now I know you’re wondering how in the heck am I going to convert you into this Double Bad, Fire Breathing Jet Li Dragon over the radio without the disposal of my dojo, pads, bags, and sticks to beat you into shape with! Well, it’s time that I give you my secrets on how I assure to always be the “The Baddest Mo Fo In The Room” before I even ball a fist.


The first thing that I am going to teach you is to research who else is going to be where you’re planning to go. You can’t be the baddest Mo Fo in the room if you choose to attend a place where the losing team of a bunch of pissed off, steroid pumped, muscle head Rugby players are going to go, and drink after getting their butts handed to them by their rivals! So step one is to always get the best recon that you can on who else may be where you’re going to be. Now if you choose to attend a High School’s 50 year reunion… you might have being the baddest Mo Fo in the room in your pocket before you walk in the door.


The next strategy to assuring that you’re the Baddest Mo Fo in the Room is to wear loose fitting clothing that you can maneuver comfortably in. You never know when you may have to defend yourself, so don’t ever skimp on being properly prepared. When I worked as a nightclub Bouncer I watched too many people lose battles they should have won due to tight pants, tight shirts and jackets. Every punch, kick or movement that they tried to make during the intense moment was restricted, and basically restrained by their sexy outfits. Clothing that was too loose was also the dreaded failure of many wanna be Hipsters, as their sweatpants bottoms rolled under their shoes giving their foe the winning advantage as he tripped to the ground.


Carrying secluded weapons is another way to stay on top of your gain to be the Baddest Mo Fo in the Room! Now understand what I mean when I say, “secluded”! This means no showing off and bragging to your buddies about it! Keep it to yourself in an unknown, concealable, easy to get to spot. Now I don’t want you to think that I’m offering you the freedom to break the law because I’m not. You’d be surprised at the legal items that you can carry that make better weapons than the one’s regulated by law. And yes I actually do reveal some of these items in this podcast to help you be the Baddest Mo Fo in the Room!


Remember to NEVER sacrifice safety and security for comfort and/or fun. If an incident happens to you or someone that you care for, it will be devastating and will cause unpredictable changes in the life that you’re used to living. Listen to “How to be the Baddest Mo Fo in the Room” and learn some easy preparedness and awareness tactics that may someday save your life. Then assure that everyone that you care for also listens so all of you can always be safe and ready.


Jermaine Andre’


“Now I’m in YOUR corner!”

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