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5 Ways to Prevent a Carjacking

on Tuesday, 25 August 2015. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added

Can you imagine this happening to you?


Do you think it is likely to happen to you or where you live?


This women didn’t think so until she had a gun pointed at your head in her own garage.


ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A woman was attacked inside her own south St. Louis garage and her car was stolen. Now she’s talking about how she was beaten and carjacked. She parked her car at home where she assumed she was safe.


This women thought she was safe after she pulled in to her own garage and then noticed her garage door going back up.  Here is what she has to say to all those who don’t think it will happen to them.


“I thought I was going to get shot in the head. My mom was on the phone and I thought she was going to hear me die. I really want people to be aware of their surroundings.” said the victim.


carjackingvideo fox2


So what can you do to prevent something as scary as this?  Some would blame it on the neighborhood, others would say it won’t happen in my neighborhood.


The reality is it is happening everywhere and in even the safest of neighborhoods.  Why would a criminal steal a crappy junker car when they can steal a BMW or Lexus.  Where do those Mercedes and BMWs generally reside.  In the nice or otherwise safe neighborhoods.


Let’s get one thing very clear.  It can happen in YOUR neighborhood and it is possible that it already has.


Now that we know that it can happen to you let’s get down to preventing it from ever happening.


1.  The #1 Tool in preventing you from being a victim of a carjacking is being aware of your surroundings.  Even when you think you are safe.


Take a look around as you drive down your street.  Any suspicious cars parked on the street, anyone loitering around that normally wouldn’t be there?


Also, something very important to remember is to look in your rearview mirror a few blocks or miles before you even get to your street.  Are you being followed?


If any of these clues are occurring then keep driving and do not pull into your driveway.  Drive right past your house and if you want park down the street with the car still running and in drive.  Watch what you have seen.  If the hair is standing up on the back of your neck then it is time to drive off and call the police to come and ensure the area is safe.


2.  Keep Pepper spray readily available in your car


Also, have it in your hand when you are getting out of your car.  It does no good to have it buried in the bottom of a purse or bag.


You can also use the “dropped keys” trick if the carjacker is getting real close to you or ready to grab you (watch how to perform this trick here).


Here is a good infographic on just some of the benefits of pepper spray.




There are different types of pepper spray and some are used best in certain situations.  Learn exactly how you can take out an attacker in under 2 seconds with pepper spray >>


3.  How To Fight Off A Carjacker Who Is Trying To Attack You Before You Get Out Of The Car


In this scenario you have a few options.  If you have your pepper spray in your hand already it becomes a lot easier.  You spray them and then get to safety whether it is driving off or running to safety.


If you don’t there are a few things you can do and one of them is a powerful kick from inside the car.  It is real easy to do and the inside of your car provide many tools to help you generate that power.


Watch how this is done by clicking here.


4.  What To Do If The Carjacker Is Pointing A Gun At You


This is where things get dramatically more serious.  It is one thing to get beat up and your car stolen, but when someone pulls a gun on you they are either using it to just scare you into complying or they are very likely going to shoot you.


In situations like this you have to assume they are going to shoot and kill you.  You need to be ready to attack back if given the opportunity.  Or cleverly escape and evade.  I am going to show you both scenarios and what you can do to survive.


In the first scenario you are in your car and they walk up to your car and put a gun to your head.


Here are 3 steps in this video you can do to get away alive.



  1. Do what they say and tell them you will get out and give them the surrender position.  That is what they want to hear to know you are listening to them and willing to do what they want.  This does one HUGE thing.  It gives them the opportunity to relax.  That is key to the success of your escape.

  2. Now that you have them thinking you are submitting in one sudden move your right hand comes across your face and make a C shape with your hand and cup the gun in the C shape of your hand.  At the same you are doing this you should be moving your head forward away from the barrel.

    This move has to be fast and quick so practice it with a wooden gun like you see in this video.  Remember for that short time you have them relaxing because you told them you would comply and do what they want.  That is the time when you complete this move when they are relaxed for that short time.

    By moving your head forward moves you out of the way in case the gun fires and if the robber tries to move the gun back towards your head your hand is there to stop it.

  3. Now for the third move.  In this hand position you have on the gun you are in a stronger position than the robber.  You will push your hand forward and this twists their hand backwards.  Two things can happen and one of them is certain.  The first thing is the gun may fire as their finger presses on the trigger.  The 2nd thing that happens is their hand will lose grip with the gun and this is certain.  They can not hold this position because the wrist is not strong enough to hold this position.


Now that you have their gun you drive to safety and call the police.


You may think this is complicated, but if you break it down into these 3 moves and practice it you will find that it is really simple to do.  Just remember that you are in a very dangerous position though so only try this if you have practiced it and/or if you feel you are in a life or death situation.


Click here to watch how to prevent a carjacking >>


5.  How To Escape and Evade A Carjacker Pointing A Gun At You


Now in this escape and evade scenario the car jacker may not have the gun right up near your head where you can reach or grab for it.  They may be farther away.  In this situation you want to escape and evade.  If you are following tip #1 above and are being aware you should be able to spot the carjacker and he may already be starting to show his weapon.


IF you can’t drive off the next best thing is to get out of there.  Here is how you do just that.  Watch this video below.



If you follow these 5 tips your chances of becoming a victim in a carjacking drop dramatically.  If you don’t feel confident enough to attempt some of the physical self defense tips at least master Tip #1.  You do that and it is very unlikely that you will ever be carjacked.

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