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4 Women's Self Defense Tools

on Wednesday, 23 September 2015. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added

Many women think they have to know martial arts or be really strong to fight off an attack.  That isn’t the case.


The biggest asset every women already has is to be aware.  Awareness is everything from recognizing a potentially dangerous situation or individual and avoiding them to being ready to defend yourself if for some reason you didn’t recognize the threatening individual.


The 4 women’s self defense tools (weapons) I am going to teach you to use are simple everyday tools and 2 of them you have on you and at the ready every single minute of your life.  The other two are easy to get and many of you have them with you most of the time anyways.


The first self defense tool is your car keys.


 1.  Car Keys


This is a tool of necessity.  If you are caught in a situation you didn’t expect and this is all you have then it can make a great tool to defend yourself and stun your attacker so you can get to safety.


What you want to do is before you walk outside to your car whether you are leaving the office, your apartment or restaurant is to put your car keys in the palm of our hand so the key tip is sticking out between your knuckles.  Here is an image that demonstrates how you would hold your keys.




Here is what your keys will look like when you have them gripped properly in your hand.




Now you have a pointed weapon that you can use to punch, aim for the eyes, nose and side of the neck to inflict the most pain.  Remember in a situation like this show no mercy.  They are attacking you and you have every right to defend yourself so punch and jab away.  Try to bury that key into their neck or face.


Create a shock and awe reaction so that two things happens.


  1. They are in pain and need to try and figure what to do. Do they want to keep fighting or flee.
  2. It stuns them because the pain is so intense, which gives you time to flee and get to safety.

Hitting them behind the collarbone is also a spot that will drop them to their knees because of the intense pain.


In this video below you can see in action how effective this tool can be plus the unique way to hold a house key if you don’t have a bigger car key to use.


There is another great tip for college aged women who tend to have a lanyard attached to the end of their keys.  It is at the 5:00 time mark in the video below.



The 2nd self defense tool you can easily have at your disposal is pepper spray or mace.


2.  Pepper Spray


Remember I mentioned at the beginning of this article about awareness.  This is where pepper spray is a very useful self defense weapon.  At night it is good to carry pepper spray in your hand when walking alone to your vehicle or into a building, etc.  There are discreet pepper spray canisters good for a couple sprays that look like lipstick so it is easy to carry in your hand and be concealed.  It also fits comfortably in a small purse.


As you recognize the person start their attack or approach you in a threatening way you can position yourself to face them if you haven’t already and quickly come up and spray them in the face.  This will instantly shut down any further attack and allow you to call for help or run to safety.


It takes all of 2 seconds and you will completely disable them.  This also works when you have multiple attackers coming at you.


There are numerous uses and ways you can use pepper spray.  Here are just some of the ways.


  • Spraying a group
  • Spraying on the run
  • Spraying when grabbed
  • Spraying from ground
  • Defense Spray Retention
  • Gassing a room or vehicle


I have an entire article on the how and where to use pepper spray, the types and even the most effective spray patterns.  Check it out at this link:  Best Ways To Use Pepper Spray >>


Below is an infographic on the top 10 benefits of pepper spray.




Now what happens if you don’t have any keys with you and you forgot your pepper spray at home or it is buried in the bottom of your purse?  What if that atttacker is on you so fast you don’t have time to get any of the above tools?


You use the two things that are always on you.


Your hands….


One of the most effective strikes is an eye gouge or eye flick.  It is so effective an 8 year old can drop a 250lb man with this.  Many times this happens by accident, but either way it has been proven to be extremely effective in a self defense situation.


3.  Eye Flick


Now this isn’t an eye jab where you jab your fingers into the persons eye.  If you miss your target with an eye jab you could break your fingers and at the least sprain your fingers.  Now you have just given the upper hand back to your opponent.


Here is the difference between an eye jab and an eye flick.


An eye jab your fingers are straight and tight with no bend in your fingers or hand.  You would jab your fingers straight into their eye forcefully.  The risk is you may miss and hit their forehead, cheekbone or nose and injure your fingers.




An eye flick is different for these reasons.  You don’t keep your fingers straight.  You bend them slightly as seen in the photo below.




The one thing you can’t condition is the Eyeball. Remember that.  You can be a muscle bound 300 pound man and an 8 year old can drop you to your knees in pain if they stick their fingers into your eye.


The automatic natural reaction is to grab the eyeball after being struck, which allows you to escape, evade and get to safety.




Here in this video below I explain how and why you will execute this Muay Thai Sprawl Eye Flick instead of using an Eye Jab.



The 4th self defense tool and another one that just requires your hands is the palm strike.


4. Palm Strike


This is a good one where you don’t have to worry to much about breaking your hand.  You are also going to aim for their nose in an upward striking motion.




You are going to take the heel of your hand and deliver a straight punch to the lower part of their nose.  This of shoving their nose up through the top of their skull.  This is very effective because of the pain it brings along with watery eyes, which also makes it hard for your attacker to see you or where you escaped to.


Here is a video scenario of a female taking a nap and suddenly surprised by an mock attacker.  Watch how powerful this strike can be and imagine it being your attackers nose and face.


sprise attack vid


An effective palm strike does not require you to be a great athlete.  It doesn’t even require you to have a good stance.  It can be delivered from your side, on your back or sitting on the ground.


Aim for the nose or chin with the heel of the palm of your hand.  You can also alternate hands to deliver rapid blows to the nose and chin.


Don’t be afraid to Attack Back and don’t think you have to be a great athlete to defend yourself.  Use this one move here with intention to defend yourself and no attacker is going to stick around for that fight.


If you want to learn other simple moves for women to punish an attacker grab this free pdf report designed for everyday women who want to feel safe and be able to protect themselves.  Or to just physically hurt a man.  It is not our position to tell you which reason to choose.

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