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1 Move That Can Save A Teenagers Life (Taught By A Teenager)

on Thursday, 22 October 2015. Posted in LifeFight, Recently Added

If the world isn’t scary enough right now for adults it is even scarier for teenage girls.  You see it in the media more and more about a sexual predator or stalker preying on a young teenage girl.  Not to mention the human sex trafficking that is taking place.


So how do you keep your daughter or loved one safe?


You start by giving them tools to defend themselves.


Simple self defense tools will go a long way to keeping your loved ones safe.


One such self defense tool is called a Hammer Fist and below Kaitlyn a teenager herself explains how you can use this move to protect oneself.


There is a demonstration video at the end of this article so be sure to read to the end.


Hammer Fist:  


A lot of power can be generated from this strike and it doesn’t take a lot of technique.  You generate power from your legs and in a street self defense situation you want to go for a power strike to knock them out and give you time to get to safety.


You will be hitting with this part of your hand when you make a fist shown in the image below.




This fleshy part of your hand is a very good to use as a weapon.  You don’t have to worry about breaking your hand or knuckles when striking a person with this part.  It also doesn’t require a lot of technique.


Your location of impact is going to be the attackers temple or their chin.  You can see in the image below when Kaitlyn hits Bob on the side of the head.  Poor Bob the punching dummy in this picture has his head bent all the way over from taking a hammer fist punch.  His face is even distorted from the impact.  Now imagine that being a real persons face, jaw, or temple.


bob headtrauma


To use this move you turn your body and strike as if you swinging a baseball bat.  This will generate maximum power at the point of impact.  These types of strikes to the head can be lethal and deadly so make sure you do not use this type of strike unless in a self defense situation.


Kaitlyn hammerfist technique


This is a good move even if the person is taller than you as you can see here Kaitlyn still can strike her attacker with a lot of power and hit the spot she is aiming for.


Kaitlyn hammerfist human


To watch this teenage girl self defense move in action watch in the video below and Kaitlyn will demonstrate how it is performed.



More teenage girls need to know that they can defend themselves with just a few simple yet effective moves like the one Kaitlyn just demonstrated.  Please share this with your own teenage daughter or anyone you know that has a teenage daughter or daughters.  It is time to empower teenage girls and let them know they don’t have to be a victim.  They can defend themselves.


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