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CHUICE! Fountain of Youth...In a bottle!

on Thursday, 19 July 2012. Posted in Let's Get It! Together

Holistic Trainer Ladell Hill

ladellpicCan beauty be found in a bottle? It most certainly can If it is a bottle of CHUICE. Holistic trainer Ladell Hill holds class about health and life in a GLASS.


Chuice was created by Taste of Earth, LLC founder Ladell Hill. 

Settling in Atlanta more than ten years ago, Ladell became a well-reputed personal trainer and wellness consultant. Personally, he witnessed his own health improve on his natural regimen; he felt younger and more energized than ever, boosting his performance and recovery. This led him through a mountain of textbooks, to better understand if and why his diet was working. Repeatedly, he found that his new way of life made sense medically, and that his grandfather's wisdom was validated.

Realizing that his clients were often missing out on the benefits of high quality nutrition, Ladell made it his goal to create something that could work for them too. He already had a vast array of fruits, vegetables and herbs he knew would add functionality for a product. By adding nuts and seeds, he achieved two goals: it "rounded out" the nutrition, by providing protein and essential fatty acids; and it required chewing, which he felt was necessary to initiate digestion naturally. By finding a way to make it delicious, the rest became history.

Chuice is the culmination of passion, wisdom and knowledge. Ladell strongly believes that the simple genius of nature offers us a path toward a healthier future.

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