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Starting Your Own Business

on Saturday, 29 August 2015. Posted in Job Seeker Weekly, Recently Added

By Lisa Froelings, Entrepreneur and Business Owner


I have failed many times -- even before I started my own business.


Remember that time when you were on the idea stage and you kept having those internal battles whether to pursue or not?


Now imagine the struggle when you have several ideas and not sure where to start. Such were my struggles even way before I started my business.


Looking back, I think those fears were necessary to help me push harder and truly believe in myself and I'd like to share a few lessons I learned along the way.


1. Validate your idea (even if it means accepting criticism)


Most people fall in love with their ideas right from the ideation all the way through to execution.


Some even get so blinded by their passion and love for their ideas, they don't hear what others tell them. In the early stages of my first business, what really took the most time for launching the business was my fear of validating. What if the idea I'd conceived and been holding at the back of my mind wasn't really revolutionary and I would end up giving up on it?


Well, I ended up giving up on it because I didn't have the courage to share it with someone who will be truthful with their assessment.


In my continuing ventures, I've learned that the best way to overcome my inner fear and internal debates is to share my idea with someone I trust and care enough to tell me when an idea sucks. It could be my college mentor, my best friend or someone from my target market. Unlike my family and relatives, they are likely to be brutal and look at my ideas in the most rational and practical ways. So don't be afraid to approach them and clear your mind with potential confusion and internal battles.


2. Find your ultimate business hero


Think of someone in the industry in which you're looking to start a business that you admire. In my case, I really admire Amy Jo Martin of Digital Royalty.


She's business savvy, influential and overcame a lot of challenges before she started her business.


Once you've identified the person that constantly inspires you, you will find specific examples from their experiences that will motivate you to keep going especially during the times when you feel like giving up. Such was the case when I broke out of the corporate world and started my own company. Inspired by Amy's story, I reminded myself that anything worth doing wouldn't come easy.


3. Find someone who complements your weaknesses


One of the things I've learned when starting my own business is that you need a business partner that specializes in things that you don't.


If you happen to be a people person and hate details, you need to partner up with someone who's completely the opposite so you can cover all bases. Many business owners are attracted to partner up with people who are similar to them and while it's pleasant, it's important to partner up with someone who can help you with things you may not be really good at.


I think it's the starting part that we always be struggle with, but once that's done; you'll thank yourself and those who helped you through.


So identify what's stopping you from starting your own business and plan on how you can overcome them. The fears that we keep on avoiding go unsettled and while masking them may be a quick solution, it's only when we face them that we can conquer and put them at rest.


Lisa Froelings is an entrepreneur and business owner, and a mother of three. Since starting her business five years ago, she's now on a mission to make and find balance between her startup business and her family life through meditation, mindfulness and healthy living.


Reprinted with permission from JobSeekerWeekly.com

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