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Everywhere with Giana Garel

GGEverywhere 1000About the Show

"Everywhere with Gia'na Garel" (EWGG) weaves mini-audio documentaries into shows that combine inspiring perspectives, music and features found around the globe. Unique views and interviews on cultures, current events, history, travel, sports, and art. Segments feature compelling and informative, as well as motivational and musical elements with the soothing narratives from writer/radio personality Gia'na Garel.


Tune in for a dose of something rare from Everywhere... with Gia'na Garel"

We will be covering whatever is the most intriguing from within a particular culture such as music, fascinating facts, history, political status- whatever is the hottest subject.



About Gia'na

I strive to introduce one culture to another through documentary to promote cultural awareness and therefore, tolerance. It is intolerance of social diversity that leads to racism, persecution, violence and hate. If we understand each other and respect one another for how our environment, history and lifestyles have shaped us to be unique in the world; perhaps, we will build bridges between us around the globe.


EWGG: Gia'na Interview with Holocaust Survivor Eva Kor

Posted in Everywhere with Giana Garel

Gia'na with Eva Mozes Kor who was 10 years old when she and her twin sister arrived in Auschwitz. Odds were overwhelmingly against Eva ever turning 11, but she walked out of Auschwitz and has lived the last 20 years of her life spreading her messages of hope, respect, and forgiveness.

EWGG Episode 00: Where is Everywhere?

Posted in Everywhere with Giana Garel

EWGG Episode 00: Where is Everywhere?

The first installment and introduction of "Everywhere with Giana Garel" (EWGG)

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