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ETHINKSTL009-Zim Hang's Entrepreneurial Insight, Introspection and Intuition

on Thursday, 17 November 2016. Posted in Entrepreneurially Thinking, Recently Added


It's hard to spend time with Zim and not know that optimism is in his DNA. So too is his intuition for identifying and capitalizing on emerging product and technology trends.


Not a fan of following the rules, he started at Washington University in the architecture program, jumped into the Hatchery capstone class with no prior business or entrepreneurship experience and graduated with a degree in psychology.


Listen to find out how his experience as an 8-year old immigrant shaped his ability to adapt through introspection and led him to hone his skills as a divergent thinker, fluid learner and someone for whom entrepreneurship is an extension of the scientific method- a series of experiments.


In this episode Christy and Cheryl hang out with Zim Hang, CEO and Co-Founder of Chrona Sleep. Zim is a self-described neuroscience entrepreneur and product development Swiss Army Knife. Together they explore the technical and human sides of building a business. Be inspired by this young entrepreneur's approach to learning, processing failure and connecting the dots.



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