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ETHINKSTL-041-Illerasoft and Heartwork Video...Health Tech with Heritage and Heart

on Friday, 14 July 2017. Posted in Entrepreneurially Thinking, Recently Added


ETHINKSTL-041-Illerasoft and Heartwork Video...Health Tech with Heritage and Heart


If you live here in the St. Louis region, then you should know that our city has been recognized as one of the top start-up cities in the nation. I think that this recognition is not only for the vast resources we have to assist those in starting their new ventures, but also for the different types of ventures being started in the areas of information technology, cybersecurity, fashion, agriculture and life science—just to name a few.


Today, we have invited two individuals starting tech focused companies in the healthcare market. Melanie Igwe is co-founder of Ilerasoft, a digital health company developing software that will centralize a healthcare system’s entire medical equipment assets data on one platform to allow for shared use and to improve equipment utilization across all facilities. A modified lo-jack system for medical equipment!


We also have Rachel Simon-Lee, CEO and Founder of Heartwork Videos. A very unique resource for surgeons—taking and editing raw surgical footage into a concise, polished video with annotations and voice-over narration thereby creating high quality educational video content.


You will hear their stories of how they found a need in the marketplace and are creating their companies.


Learn more at www.illerasoft.com and www.heartworkvideos.com

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