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ETHINKSTL-037-Accelerating Better Family Life and Businesses

on Thursday, 08 June 2017. Posted in Entrepreneurially Thinking, Recently Added


There is a new business incubator in our city and if you weren’t there for the grand opening in December you missed a treat! In December 2016, Better Family Life located in the city of St. Louis opened a beautiful, new Business Development Center to support people who want to start a small to mid-size business or get help with an existing business. Cheryl and Christy are joined by the leadership team of this new venture, Eddie Davis, Neelu Panth and Rasheed Ingrim. They are sharing about this exciting new venture and the impactful partnership developed with Carrolton Bank which together they have created the new Better Family Life Micro Loan Fund.


Also joining the conversation is Bianca Jackson, an entrepreneur they are working with who talks about her business and how Better Family Life has impacted and supported her new venture.


Connect and learn more at betterfamilylife.org/

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