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ETHINKSTL-033-Enterprising Independence-Paraquad

on Thursday, 11 May 2017. Posted in Entrepreneurially Thinking, Recently Added


Today, we will be chatting with an organization that is already impactful in our region with a long-standing history of changing the conversation about disabilities in St. Louis.


Paraquad is the organization that works with people with disabilities of all ages, empowering them to increase their independence through choice and opportunity.


We have Paraquad’s CEO, Aimee Wehmeier who is only the 3rd Executive Director and CEO in the organization’s 47-year history, Beth Jantz, their grant writer, and Dennis Kouo a Paraquad board member joining us to talk about their organization and a new social enterprise they are developing that will engage their constituents and be a great gathering place for all of our community!


If you love finding new Cafes, stay listening so you can hear all about this new innovative service offering from Paraquad!


Learn more:

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