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ETHINKSTL-031-The Entrepreneurial Grace of the Grace Hill’s Women’s Business Center

on Thursday, 27 April 2017. Posted in Entrepreneurially Thinking, Recently Added


You know we have a bias for good food and great company – this episode delivers on both! Annie Magny, founder of One Dish Wonders, joins Alyce Wilson, Director of the Grace Hill Women’s Business Center, to share her entrepreneurial journey. After retiring from a major telecommunications company with nearly 30 years of service, Annie realized that there was more to do than be retired – she just didn’t realize how much work it would take! Thankfully, with the help of the Grace Hill Women’s Business Center, The BALSA Foundation and great mentors she is now well into her second act as a food entrepreneur.


Despite all the hard work, Annie is excited to be on this personal and fulfilling journey. And you can be a part of the experience from your own dining room table. One Dish Wonders makes it easy for families to eat delicious meals together again. Need to figure what’s for dinner tonight or what’s on the menu for your next corporate or family event – Annie has what you need. Inspired by her story and eager to write your own? Alyce shares how Grace Hill Women’s Business Center provides the 16-week WIBO program, one-on-one counseling and speaker series to help entrepreneurs learn the ropes. The list of industries represented among WIBO graduates includes beauty, construction, finance, energy, retail, transportation, food and fitness industries – among others – what sector will you revolutionize?!


In this episode:

-How Grace Hill serves entrepreneurs with courses, training, resources and exposure
-What is it to be “Entrepreneurially Curious” and how it can expand your business ventures
-How your foundational business mission can open the door for even greater opportunities
-How is Annie Magny found answers, accountability and success with the Grace Hill Women’s Business Cente



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