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ETHINKSTL-016-Empowering the People and Businesses in North STL and Beyond

on Thursday, 05 January 2017. Posted in Entrepreneurially Thinking, Recently Added


Today Cheryl and Christy are with Lynette Watson from our local Small Business and Technology Development Center – also known as SBDC or SBTDC - and Michael O’Brien from Prosperity Connection. Like many organizations in the St. Louis entrepreneurship ecosystem, these two work very closely together to help promote financial empowerment and entrepreneurship in the community.


From Prosperity Connection's Excel Centers and Red Dough Money Center to SBTDC's Innovate HER and the Fantasy Food Fair Business Competition, there is a lot going on in Old North and throughout the City for aspiring entrepreneurs. Lynette, a small business owner herself, give us insights on moving from "hobby to hustle" and the importance of initiatives like the Look Like Me Mentor Project that works to engage people of color as mentors and subject matter experts. Michael explains how having access to a nonprofit alternative to payday lending, credit building programs and support from financial counselors strengthen local businesses and their customer base.


Once again, our guests remind us of the myriad ways you can get engaged in and benefit from the economic growth of our region - the goal is to make sure no one is left behind. With each new episode we invite you believe in yourself, then find the people and resources to help you transform your life. Let's go!

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