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Entrepreneurially Thinking

Welcome to the Entrepreneurially Thinking podcast with Christy Mayfield and Cheryl Watkins-Moore. We are here to help you step outside your comfort zone to expand your mindset and create new pathways to business success in St. Louis and beyond. Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, working professional or just curious about what it means to think entrepreneurially, we invite you to join us for conversations with local leaders about how we can all unlock your potential for creativity, innovation and experimentation.


Learn more at http://entrepreneuriallythinking.org/



ETHINKSTL001: Welcome to Entrepreneurially Thinking! All About ETHINKSTL

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ETHINKSTL001: Welcome to Entrepreneurially Thinking! All About ETHINKSTL

Meet Christy Maxfield with Cheryl Watkins-Moore, hosts of this all new terrific podcast called "Entrepreneurially Thinking".

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