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Smiling while crying inside. Meet Greg aka MR BIGG.

on Thursday, 18 August 2016. Posted in Community Connections with Jade Harrell, Recently Added


Meet Greg Kenner. Also known as Mr. Bigg. Clever, funny, dedicated and determined. A father and husband living a dual existence. On the outside, he's the happiest guy in the world. Inside he's burried under the stress and anguish of something painful and frustrating. So much so that he uses food among other things to insulate him from the hurt. His health, his weight and his heart suffer through the suppression. And though his weight has ballooned to nearly 400 pounds, he keeps trying. For anyone who might see him, they would say Mr. Bigg hardly has a care in the world. For Greg this is by design so that he may bring joy to others and maybe gain a little joy for himself as he works on the rest.

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