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America’s Biggest Birthday Party Saluting the Troops

on Sunday, 02 July 2017. Posted in Community Connections with Jade Harrell, Recently Added


Jade Harrell with with Karen Irwin, Committee Co-Chair, "Salute to the Troops" Ceremony at Fair St. Louis - an annual event that celebrates our armed forces, primarily from Missouri National Guard, Illinois National Guard, and Scott Airforce Base.


300 military service members and their families will be honored on Tuesday, July 4th at Fair St. Louis at Forest Park. Participants have an opportunity to personally honor and thank them.


Audience participants will receive American flags to wave for the Grand Salute—as the troops and their families wear special 2017 Salute to the Troops t-shirts, provided by Alliance Technologies, and parade to the stage.


Following the ceremony, service members will wear white and blue t-shirts to relax and enjoy the fair festivities and be easily visible to greet and receive well-wishes.


In addition to the ceremony honoring them for their service, the Fair Saint Louis Foundation will host these troops and their families to a “Four Star” experience with a dedicated VIP area for them to enjoy the day’s activities, including a catered dinner, beverages, family friendly activities, special view of the national entertainment on the Budweiser Stage, and fabulous fireworks.


#FairSTL, #FairSTLSalutetotheTroops, #OperationSunscreenMO


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